The Korean Hapkido Federation blog is gaining popularity

The Korean Hapkido Federation blog is receiving more hits every day skyrocketing it up the search engine rankings. Thank you for your considerable support in spreading the word about this blog. The more people you send the link to the more visitors we get. Thanks again for making us the most popular Hapkido blog on the internet!

My radio show is also growing in popularity. We are now getting over 14,000 login listeners each week to the “World Martial Arts Radio Show”. Our special show on below standard Hapkido masters was so popular that we are going to replay it once a week for the next 3 months giving it the most exposure of any show.

korean hapkido federation

Richard Hackworth receives Hapkido Grand Masters License from the World Headquarters in Korea

P.S. Be sure to let your friends in Hapkido know to rush right over to World Martial Arts Media and listen for our shows! Your hard work in spreading the word is making us famous!!! Thank you again for your support.

Our new season of shows starts in just 3 weeks so don’t miss it.

If you want to learn authentic Korean Hapkido from a licensed and certified instructor then visit this link  . Don’t forget to get your free subscription at


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