“B.S.” Hapkido Master Fabian Duque

December 7, 2008

Fabian Duque has won our “Dirt-bag of the Week” award for an amazing 156 weeks in a row!!!

Fabian Duque is an illegal alien who tried to buy rank that he was not qualified for and has been bad mouthing people for not helping him get what he does not qualify for.

Fabian Duque is criminal from the country of Colombia.

Fabian Duque came to the USA illegally.

Fabian Duque illegally married a US Citizen to get his green card while still being married to, and living with, his Colombian wife, Maribel.

If you see Fabian Duque you should call the police and report his whereabouts.

Fabian Duque illegally operates a martial arts school in Ocala, Florida.

Fabian Duque covered up the sexual abuse of a 6 year old girl in his martial arts school so that the police would not investigate. The mother of the girl was Colombian and Fabian Duque told her that if she reported the sexual abuse the police would take her daughter away from her.

Fabian Duque’s location in Ocala was reported to the Ocala police department and local sheriff’s office. The lazy incompetent law enforcement personnel in Ocala, Florida took no action against Fabian Duque. Fabian Duque knows that this makes Ocala, Florida the safest city in America for Illegal Aliens.

If you have been the victim of the criminal Fabian Duque report it to the local police.

This is a public service announcement provided by Americans for a safer America.

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