Haemukwan Hapkido’s Purpose

August 24, 2008

The purpose of the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan is to create a positive contribution to society by instilling positive characteristics in each and every student that participates in our program. These characteristics create a better person as well as a more productive member of society.

The Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan strives to utilize only the most effective instructional methods. We strive to teach the most effective yet practical self-defense techniques while maintaining our devotion to developing the character of each student.

richard hackworth hapkido movie

Hapkido Grand Master Richard Hackworth on the set of "The Warrior's Quest" Movie

If each Haemukwan Hapkido student becomes a better person and maintains a positive mental attitude along with the willingness to put forth their best effort in everything he or she attempts in life, we can freely say that we have accomplished our goal.

We invite you to enjoy the many benefits of Hapkido by joining an officially licensed Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan school near you. We are proud to recommend the fine instructors listed in our directory of Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan affiliated schools.

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Why choose Haemukwan Hapkido for health, safety, and fitness?

August 24, 2008

Hapkido is not only a great self defense martial arts system but an excellent form of fitness as well.

No person who is professionally involved in any aspect of maintaining health and physical fitness can doubt the genuine need for a realistic program for physical fitness.

Based on disturbing statistics of general poor health gathered by various state and national health agencies, it now seems the opinion of physicians, physical education instructors and other authorities that some sensible program for physical fitness must be initiated on a national scale. The Federal Government, well aware of the problem, has taken certain preliminary steps in this direction. However, it is the contention of the author that there is a serious error in the concept of the physical fitness program as it is currently being outlined and that unless this error is rectified the program cannot possibly succeed in its national intent. This is where Hapkido schools can help.

hapkido schools clermont florida

Richard Hackworth performs a powerful Hapkido high side kick

The basic mistake which has been made is to promote the idea of physical fitness in such a way that it has become associated in the minds of most people with vigorous activities, the emphasis being on the usual wearisome calisthenics, body building through jumping and running, the use of weights, hikes, sports. Because physical fitness is now associated with these types of activities, the majority of our population has physically and psychologically excluded itself from the entire idea!

The truth of the matter is that only a relatively small segment of the population will exercise with calisthenics for more than a short period of time (especially without constant supervision), because this type of exercising is tiring and simply not enjoyable. An infinitesimal number of people will consider conditioning themselves with the use of weights or through regular training or hiking. The people who play tennis, swim, bowl, play basketball, baseball, football, etc., have been doing these things in the past, enjoy them and will in all probability continue to do them without having to be encouraged. But only relatively few people indulge regularly even in these sports. Furthermore, it should be noted that we cannot properly consider weekly or Bi-weekly participation in bowling, tennis, golf, etc. to be a method of truly remaining fit. The truth of this statement will be evident as we proceed.

For a national physical fitness program to be of real value, it must be sufficiently comprehensive to include all segments of the population regardless of age, background or vocation, and must help to condition all systems of the body, i.e. not only the muscular and the circulatory, but the respiratory, nervous, endocrine and other aspects of the body. In addition, such a program must be enjoyable and stimulating so that one wants to exercise if for no other reason than that he or she feels a sense of well-being after exercising, not exhausted or strained as is so often the case with calisthenics or sports.

The system which meets all of the above requirements is the age-old physical movements and exercises comprising the system of HaeMuKwan Hapkido. Korea’s ancient form of physical training that includes energizing Ki-Kong breathing, relaxed stretching and dynamic tension muscle toning. The various routines of HaeMuKwan Hapkido exercises which are offered can easily be modified and extended to apply to every segment of the population from small children to the senior citizen. I invite you to give HaeMuKwan Hapkido a fair trail with a FREE Trial Lesson available at any HaeMuKwan Hapkido school. I can tell you from person experience you will begin to feel more energy, have better flexibility and an increase in overall health. It is our HaeMuKwan Hapkido schools guarantee!


Richard Hackworth

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Benefits of Haemukwan Hapkido

August 24, 2008

For Students: When you study HaeMuKwan Hapkido you will live a long healthy life. You will have life long physical fitness. You will have confidence from learning scientifically based self defense techniques. You will receive in depth studies of healing skills and advanced martial arts philosophy.

For Instructors: When you teach HaeMuKwan Hapkido you will have direct affiliation with the world headquarters in Korea. You will receive ongoing support, affordable international certification, FREE marketing program. You will also receive accelerated advanced training programs with professional quality educational resource materials.

Discovering HaeMuKwan…
The Korean Martial Art Of Self-Development

When morning covers the Korean sky, crowds gather in parks, university gardens and nearby temples: executives with briefcases, laborers in cotton, people young and old performing flowing exercises. Movements are silently synchronized, postures exotically simple, faces sublimely focused.

Richard Hackworth two man throw

Richard Hackworth performs Hapkido two man throw

They are practicing Ki-Kong breathing, the 3000 year old discipline brought over by Buddhist monks visiting from China. Embracing philosophy, psychology, meditation, physical exercise and martial arts, the discipline can prevent everything from high blood pressure to tuberculosis and diabetes. Ki-Kong breathing is the first level of physical development training in the HaeMuKwan Hapkido system.

Those who used to roll their eyes at such HaeMuKwan Hapkido concepts as “Um and Yang” and allowing your energy, or Ki to flow unchecked are now looking beyond such abstract definitions into the heart and soul of this ancient concept. Bottom line, HaeMuKwan Hapkido could be very effective in reducing stress, improving balance, and providing a good workout as well.

While proper breathing and stretching are an important part of the HaeMuKwan Hapkido system it is just the beginning. HaeMuKwan Hapkido also employs the world’s most scientifically advanced self-defense training based on centuries old principles of non-resistance and circular force. When done correctly, HaeMuKwan Hapkido training makes you feel settled, relaxed and rejuvenated all over.

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What is HaeMuKwan Hapkido

August 24, 2008

The principles of HaeMuKwan Hapkido have been the secret living tradition of Korean self-defense, health and longevity for centuries. It’s graceful fluid like movements emphasizes proper breathing techniques, posture and balance. Resulting in complete concentration and relaxation for the practitioner. No other Hapkido system applies the principles of Ki and circular force to this extent.

HaeMuKwan Hapkido harmonizes the body’s natural flow of Ki energy with the mind to achieve “Do”. HaeMuKwan Hapkido is the world’s most scientifically advanced self defense system.

Richard Hackworth hapkido schools in korea

Grand Masters Richard Hackworth and Lee Chang Soo at the world Hapkido headquarters in Korea

If you are looking for a Hapkido self defense school in your area check out the link below. We offer training in all aspects of the traditional Korean military arts. What we teach is street effect skills. It is not a sport.

In HaeMuKwan Hapkido we focus on the complete mind, body and spirit development of each individual. The benefits of Hapkido go beyond the physical development of your body or the simple learning of self-defense techniques. The student of Haemukwan Hapkido finds that the training can become a valueable way of life and grow to consider their classmates members of their extended family.

We invite you to visit a Haemukwan Hapkido self defense school near you to try a class to see for yourself how Hapkido can make your life better.

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HaeMuKwan Hapkido

August 24, 2008

Welcome To The World’s Premier Hapkido Organization Blog

The Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan Blog

The World’s Largest Officially Recognized Governing Body For Authentic Training And Registered Certification Of The Martial Art Of HaeMuKwan Hapkido.

korean hapkido training

Richard Hackworth Hapkido Training with the Korea SWAT Team

Welcome to the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan. We are pleased that you have decided to pursue the traditional martial art of Hapkido and wish you the best in your endeavors.
The Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan was formed in 2000 because of the need for an association that not only emphasized Hapkido technique, but the virtues of the art and an emphasis on personal development of the students as well. Our wish for students and the members of this Hapkido family is that you will not only grow in your Hapkido technique, but also in your personal and spiritual lives as well. We are seeking to develop the body in conjunction with the mind and spirit. When you have good physical health, mental clarity and personal happiness you can be of benefit to your family, your country and the world around you.

Hapkido is not a sport. It has great practical benefits for fitness, self development and self defense. As a classical martial art, HaeMuKwan Hapkido’s purpose is to develop your in every way, in order to help you become a mature person who totally integrates your intellect, body, emotions and spirit. If you are willing to dedicate yourself to the study of HaeMuKwan Hapkido, you will reap the great physical, spiritual and mental benefits that are a natural part of this system.

If you are interested in belonging to the most respected family in the Hapkido world then visit the link below and join today.

Grand Master Richard Hackworth, Executive Director
Grand Master Dong Kyu Kim, Honorary Chairman
Grand Master Gary Pointer, Promotion Committee Chairman
Dr. Ron Stone, International Technical Committee Chairman
Master Shane Miller, International Training Committee Chairman

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