Hapkido Class Outline

December 8, 2008

We were asked to post a standard Hapkido class lesson plan. This is what an official Hapkido class outline looks like. If the school that you attend does not follow this format then you can be sure that you are NOT learning authentic Hapkido and need to stop attending that school immediately.

Beginning of Class

“Jeong Ryeol”  – Line up

“Cha ryeot!” – Stand at attention.

“Kukki eh day hayeo kyeong nye”  – Pay respect to the flag

“Paro”  – At ease

“Mook do jun bi”  – Assume meditation seated posture

“Mook do”  – Begin meditation

“Paro”  – At ease

“Cha ryeot!” – Stand at attention.

“Chong kwanjangnim kae yeh” – Pay respects to Grandmaster

“Hapki”  – [All students say] (the name of our association)

“Hapki”  – [Grandmaster says]

“Hapki ho heup beop jun bi”  – Assume Hapki breathing stance and give a loud kihap shout


Before and After Partner Techniques Training

“Chwa woo hyang woo”  – Stand face to face

    (or  “Jeong myeon uro majuseyo”  – also “stand face to face”)

“Cha ryeot!” – Stand at attention.

“Sang ho kan eh yeh”  – Bow to each other

“Hap ki” [All students say]


Ending of Class

“Jeong Ryeol” – Line up

“Cha ryeot!” – Stand at attention.

“Kukki eh day hayeo kyeong nye” – Pay respect to the flag

“Paro” – At ease

“Mook do jun bi”  – Assume meditation seated posture

“Mook do” – Begin meditation

“Paro” – At ease

“Chong kwanjangnim kae yeh” – Pay respects to Grandmaster

“Hapki”  – [All students say] (the name of our association)

“Hapki” – [Grandmaster says]

“Chwa woo hyang woo”  – Stand face to face

“Sang ho kan eh yeh” – Bow to each other

“Sugo ha syeos sumnida” – [All students say] Good work!

“Hae cheo”  – [All students] Recite our association motto:

“Hapkido een malkun cheongshin kwa kyeom son han ma um ul kat neun saram ee twae ja” 

– Translation: “Let’s constantly strive to be modest and clear thinking as Hapkido members”

If you want to learn authentic Korean Hapkido Federation Haemukwan Hapkido then visit the link below.

www.actionradio.net   www.worldmartialartsmagazine.com   www.haemukwan.com   www.usnta.net  www.themartialartsmarket.com  www.kmaia.org


New Hapkido School Location

December 8, 2008

America Dragon Korean Martial Arts Academy Opens Clermont Location 1158 Fifth St. Clermont, FL 34711. Ph: 352-536-5063.

Martial Arts Master Mi Yi recently opened a martial arts family education center in Clermont. The American Dragon Korean Martial Arts Academy is considered the leading martial arts schools in this country. The company was founded in 1992 and has had locations selected as “School of the Year” by the prestigious Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association eight times in the last 13 years. They are undisputedly America’s #1 Martial Arts Family Education Center. To begin with, owner Mi Yi is a direct descendant of the last King of Korea, Sejong Yi who was the head of the Yi Dynasty until 1911 when Korea was invaded by Japan. She is also a direct descendant of Korean Admiral Soon Shin Yi, the inventor of the world’s first metal battleship called the “Turtle Ship”. For Master Mi Yi owning a martial arts school is not a business. It is a 2,000 year old family tradition that she is proud to carry on. She is the only woman to have ever received Master certification in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Shimkido, three of Korea’s best martial arts.

“We Teach Traditional Korean Martial Arts, the martial arts of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Shimkido.” say Master Yi.

The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies teaches the classical forms of Korean martial arts, Taekwondo – which is considered to be one of the linear forms of martial arts. Taekwondo uses straight-line techniques, rather than the soft forms which tend to be circular flowery impractical forms as seen on TV’s “Kung-Fu.” Taekwondo is the ancient Korean military art of self-defense, and is recognized as a more effective martial art than Aikido, Judo or Karate because is uses both the hand and foot techniques in combination and is easier to learn.

The history of Taekwondo dates back over 2000 years ago when it was first used by Koreans to defend their country against invaders. Since then Taekwondo has evolved into something more than self defense, exercise or even a sport. Because it is a philosophy of self-improvement, self-control, and respect for others it has become a dynamic way of life. Taekwondo has become popular in the United States since the 1960’s when American G.I.’s brought it back from Korea. Taekwondo has become so popular and accepted that it is practiced in 116 countries and the sport form became an Olympic event in 1988.

A specialty of the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies is Hapkido, Korea’s dynamic self defense art. Master Mi Yi is one of the few licensed instructors in this country. If self defense is one of your reasons for joining, then Hapkido is a great choice. Non-lethal personal protection for yourself and loved ones is one of the primary reasons adults across America have started training in Hapkido.

The Shimkido program is of interest to people of all ages but especially to seniors and people who are trying to improve their health and get in shape. When we asked Master Mi Yi what is Shimkido she said: “Shimkido is the Korean Art of Health & Wellness. A 2000 Year Old Oriental Fountain Of Youth Program! Recent Medical Studies All Indicate That This System Reverses Aging! Its the BEST workout of your life and now its here!!! Adults will Increase Muscle Tone & Flexibility, Reduce Aging Effects & Unwanted Body Fat, Relieve Stress & Joint Pain. In just a few short weeks you will Look Younger, Feel Stronger, Regain Youthful Well Being! And the benefits for children are just as dramatic, they Increase Muscle Tone, Lose Fat, Improve Balance and Flexibility. You could say that Shimkido is the Ancient Oriental Health & Longevity Secret. It is the fitness program that health clubs hope you don’t hear about and the home gym equipment companies pray you will ignore. ShimKiDo produces incredible results quickly because this program has it all. A special set of exercises developed centuries ago in the orient that have been proven to dramatically increase strength, endurance & flexibility. This is combined with natural herbal teas that rapidly reverse the signs of aging and reduce stubborn hard to lose body fat. It’s the Best workout of your life & Now it’s Here in Clermont!”

The American Dragon Korean Martial Arts Academies has grown into the largest group of Licensed and Insured martial arts schools in the United States with over 200 instructors Nation Wide and over 10,000 active students. Master Mi Yi is one of the most respected martial artists in the world and has built an education company that is the Harvard of the martial arts field. You can be assured that you are getting the Best training available in this country because of their experience, qualified instructors and organizational stability.

Master Mi Yi says: “Most people think of self defense when they think of martial arts. They aren’t aware that martial arts training is a great way to get in shape. After they discover the overall conditioning effect, they begin to understand that martial arts offers extraordinary value and advantages that cannot be achieved from other methods of getting in shape; for example – health clubs. Here, while you are experiencing an improvement in fitness, you also are learning new skills which impact all areas of your life. At the same time it is an economical and efficient use of your time. While others are pursuing their fitness activities, you will be getting in shape and learning self defense – All at the same time!


The discipline, concentration and physical skills that you will gain will lead to greater self-confidence and self-esteem. You will have the self-assuredness to cope with the hassles and aggravations that can occur in today’s hectic, frustrating and sometimes dangerous society. This “New You” will result in a more capable, “together” person, at home, at work and at play! Self defense is often the 1st reason why parents enroll their children in martial arts. It should be the last. Martial arts is more than a course in kicks and punches. It can be a catalyst to promote confidence, goal orientation, calmness and concentration. Furthermore, today’s children are the most poorly conditioned and out of shape segment of our population. So when a child participates in our program they learn at an early age that regular exercise should be a lifetime experience, not just a temporary fad. The increase in health and confidence leads to a more alert confident child, this is what helps them get better grades in school. Because martial arts students are able to focus better, thus becoming attentive and absorbing more of what the teachers at schools say. You will know what your child is doing and where they are at with our program. Your anxiety and worry will be replaced with the comfort of knowing that your child is learning valuable skills that will make them happier, healthier and more successful in life. Learning self confidence, self-esteem and self-respect. All children should study martial arts because it is a practical course in assertiveness. They learn how not to be bullied, but also why not to be a bully. A child’s confidence from self-defense training also gives them a more secure sense of identity and helps them become leaders. Loving parents are beginning to place their children in year round martial arts training because it has distinct advantages over team sports and other youth activities. In a martial arts program everyone gets to participate. Developing at their own pace with No concern about riding the bench or making the team. While some girls will develop balance and fluid movement from Dance class or gymnastics, boys and girls both can learn this from martial arts. Plus dance and other youth activities cannot offer the practical advantage of self-defense training.”Master Mi Yi also likes to say “Martial Arts class is NEVER boring. They will get a chance to learn new techniques in each and every class!” To register for any of their martial arts classes or the After School Program just stop by their location at 1158 Fifth St. Clermont, FL 34711. Ph: 352-536-5063.

www.worldmartialartsmagazine.com   www.haemukwan.com  www.kmaia.org   www.usnta.net

“B.S.” Hapkido Master Fabian Duque

December 7, 2008

Fabian Duque has won our “Dirt-bag of the Week” award for an amazing 156 weeks in a row!!!

Fabian Duque is an illegal alien who tried to buy rank that he was not qualified for and has been bad mouthing people for not helping him get what he does not qualify for.

Fabian Duque is criminal from the country of Colombia.

Fabian Duque came to the USA illegally.

Fabian Duque illegally married a US Citizen to get his green card while still being married to, and living with, his Colombian wife, Maribel.

If you see Fabian Duque you should call the police and report his whereabouts.

Fabian Duque illegally operates a martial arts school in Ocala, Florida.

Fabian Duque covered up the sexual abuse of a 6 year old girl in his martial arts school so that the police would not investigate. The mother of the girl was Colombian and Fabian Duque told her that if she reported the sexual abuse the police would take her daughter away from her.

Fabian Duque’s location in Ocala was reported to the Ocala police department and local sheriff’s office. The lazy incompetent law enforcement personnel in Ocala, Florida took no action against Fabian Duque. Fabian Duque knows that this makes Ocala, Florida the safest city in America for Illegal Aliens.

If you have been the victim of the criminal Fabian Duque report it to the local police.

This is a public service announcement provided by Americans for a safer America.

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“B.S.” Hapkido Master Hal Whalen

December 7, 2008

Hal (Harold) Whalen is our first official “Dirt-bag of the Week”!
Hal Whalen claims to have been a “Green Beret”, NOT TRUE.

Hal Whalen claims to have graduated from a Hapkido Masters Course in Korea, NOT TRUE.

Hal Whalen claims to be the official Korea Hapkido Federation Representative in the USA. NOT TRUE.

Hal Whalen claims to be a Hapkido Grand Master? His skill level is laughable.

Hal Whalen’s hapkido skills are so weak that he is only a danger to himself!

Harold Hal Whalen spent less than two years in Korea but claims to have earned a 7th dan in hapkido based on that two years of training.

Hal Whalen claims to be the founder of MooYeKwan. No organization has ever officially recognized this system.

Hal Whalen claimed during a telephone conversation to have sent a video of himself performing over 200 wrist techniques to get his 7th dan from Whang Duk Kyu.

Hal Whalen makes too many false claims for us to list them all here. Hal Whalen is the most pathetic person on the planet. The disappointed look in his girl friend’s eyes explains Hal Whalen’s further “short” comings as a man.

Hal Whalen: When is the KHF President coming back to the USA to teach a seminar for your members? Never!

Harold Whalen: How many people have joined the Korea Hapkido Federation under your leadership? None!

Harold Hal Whalen: Who is going with you to Korea this year to train?

Harold Hal Whalen: Why weren’t you at the Hapkido unification meeting November 2007 in Seoul? Because you aren’t high enough up the food chain to get invited.

This is a public service announcement provided by Americans for a safer America.

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“B.S.” Hapkido Masters Like Master Billy Lee

December 6, 2008

Grand Master Billy Lee is the inspiration for this Hapkido Brothers post. In this post we will expose people like Master Billy Lee, who are claiming to be Hapkido masters but lack even the most basic knowledge of the principles of Hapkido.

The first “B.S.” Hapkido Master to be exposed is “Grand Master Billy Lee” of the Hapkido Brothers Academy (Yeah, we thought that school name sounded stupid too). Billy Lee Burchett‘s skill is laughable and Grand Master Billy Lee purchased a Hapkido rank from the Kido organization. I understand the Kido organization’s desire to grow and spread Hapkido but Billy Lee slipped through the cracks. I don’t believe that Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida meets their standards for 8th dan.  The first time I saw Billy Lee Burchett he was claiming to be a 5th Dan in Hapkido. When I moved back to Florida just three short years later… Billy Lee Burchett was an “8th Dan”. Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida went from 5th to 8th dan in just three years? Several of his former students from the Hapkido Brothers Academy asked me how that is possible. It takes that long to  go from white belt to black belt in a respectable organization. His real name is Billy Lee Burchett. When asked why Billy Lee Burchett doesn’t use his last name on his marketing matterials he said: “It makes me sound more Korean”. Is Billy Lee Burchett insane or what? Does Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida really belive that someone is going to mistake him for a “Korean Master” just because he is using the name Lee???

More recently Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brothers Academy in Clermont, Florida claimed that he, along with seven other Hapkido “Masters” went to China to introduce the Chinese people to Hapkido. This is another lie. Grand Master Song Soon Ki of Korea has had Hapkido schools in China and Mongolia since 1977. LONG before little Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida ever thought of going to China.

If you would like to know more about Billy Lee Burchett be sure to listen to our worldwide radio show at www.actionradio.net where we have done a full hour expose’ covering Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida’s real background including information from his former Korean Grand Master in Chicago.

People wonder how I can write things like this. Well, it is a public service. If any of the things I said were untrue, little Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida could sue me for slander. But since it is all true, Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida has to just try to justify it with his handful of students. Watch for our upcoming story in www.worldmartialartsmagazine.com too.

More “B.S.” Hapkido Masters like Billy Lee Burchett of the Hapkido Brother’s Academy in Clermont, Florida are coming soon. Be sure to save this Hapkido blog to your favorites and visit often.

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Hapkido Mission Statement

December 6, 2008

The Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan’s mission is to be the world’s leading Hapkido Organization by promoting and instructing its Members in the philosophy and technique of traditional Hapkido as it has been handed down from Master to student throughout the centuries.

The Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan has been established to teach its students a “way of life” based upon Korea’s ancient traditional Hapkido philosophies and original training methods. We must strive to be recognized throughout the world as the foremost organization for the teaching and training of the traditional history, philosophies and techniques of HaeMuKwan Hapkido.

hapkido weapons schools

Grand Master Richard Hackworth Hapkido Sword Training 1982

Our international family of instructors will insure that our students receive the highest level of training and education based upon the finest traditional methods of Hapkido and modern training resources. Our officially registered Black Belts and students must represent the highest levels of integrity and shall represent the Korea Hapkido Federation HaeMuKwan headquarters in Korea at all times.

Our doors will always remain open for those who have the inner strength, courage and perseverance to learn, grow and contribute in the continuation of the HaeMuKwan Hapkido legacy, philosophy and ancient warrior code of ethics.

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