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July 28, 2011
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Hapkido Self Defense

Here is an article that best explains the Korean Self Defense Art of Hapkido.

HapKiDo: The Korean Art of Self Defense Hapkido is known in Korea as military art of self-defense. The Korean Hapkido Federation style of Hapkido is the military art taught to and practiced by, the Korean police and the elite Korean military units.

While this art is at its essence an unarmed art, there are some notable exceptions in Hapkido. Hapkido as it is taught by the Korean Hapkido Federation schools includes the use of improvised weapons. Hapkido cane techniques, for example, are known for their efficiency.

An apparently infirm, elderly, or disabled individual trained in Hapkido cane techniques may very well provide a would-be assailant with a very hard lesson.

During the brutal Japanese occupation of the Korean peninsula, 1905-1945, the Japanese attempted to destroy Korean culture, history, arts, and even the Korean language. Practice of the traditional Korean military arts was strictly prohibited and, if caught, the punishment was potentially fatal.

When the Japanese Empire was finally crushed in 1945, a new Korea began to emerge from the ashes. Hapkido began in post-war Korea with Daito-ryu Akijujutsu by means of a returning ethnic Korean who had spent the war years in Japan. While this may have been Hapkido’s origin, in the six decades that followed Hapkido has evolved into a strictly Korean military art.

Kano Jigoro, the Founder of Kodokan Judo, a martial art that started life known as Kano-ryu Jujutsu, expressed the opinion that Daito-ryu Akijujutsu was the highest form of jujutsu.

Not a bad position from which to begin the conversion to an even more effective military art.

Hapkido is not a military art that many foreigners choose to study and practice. It is literally a subject of lifelong of study. Indeed, it is a way of life. Nor is Hapkido simply a course in fighting techniques. It is a holistic study in the
development of a traditionally educated Asian warrior. The course of study for a Hapkido practitioner is both wide and deep. For those who choose to train at an official Korean Hapkido Federation School it is a education in not just martial arts, but history and culture as well.

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