Real World Street Self Defense for Adults

October 8, 2011

Three Hapkido techniques that make effective streetwise self defense

At the Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan schools we teach real world street self defense skills through the martial art of Hapkido.

1. Off-Balancing for self defense:
One of the first concepts a student learns in Hapkido self defense class that is effective on the streets is Off-Balancing. Its one thing to be off-balance and fall in the Dojang on safety mats, but quite another on the hard streets. If an attacker is manipulated losing control over his own body then he is much less likely to succeed in his attack. When we are off balance our mind can only concentrate on regaining this balance. So as Hapkido practioners we strive to set our
techniques up by first creating an off-balancing situation that results in an over-reaction from our opponent. This will feed into finishing the fight with kicks, strikes, joint manipulations/breaks and throws.

2. Transitional Flow for self defense:
When you train in a Hapkido self defense class you will learn that REAL fights are unpredictable. A victim might get punched, kicked, tackled, from the front, from behind, etc. So the ability to switch techniques on the fly are vital in surviving an attack. If an attempt at one wrist lock fails, switch to another without breaking a sweat.

That is where the value in Hapkido lies, obtaining the ability maintain control loosely leading the opponent into an ever worsening position. This ability is much like a chess master biding his time for check mate.

3. Seize/Control/Pain Compliance for self defense:
When you study at a licensed Korean Hapkido Federation self defense school you learn that by following the procedures of seizing an opponent, controlling and then providing pain compliance, victory can be achieved. It goes back to the theory that once contact is made by an enemy you must turn the tables on them, not letting go until the fight is ended. Once you’ve gained control over an opponent then it becomes a matter of applying pain through
kicks, strikes, throws, joint breaks, pressure point and vital point compliance total defeat of an attacker.

Please leave your comments below and share your Hapkido self defense tips. Thank you.