Pre Class Meditation for Martial Arts

August 17, 2009

Pre-Class Meditation for Martial Artists

In the traditional martial art of Hapkido we focus on three primary areas of develop. The mind, body and spirit. With pre class meditation is one way to develop all three. When one participates in pre-class meditation it does several things. For one, as you meditate, it lowers your heart rate and relaxes you both mentally and physically. This prepares the body for the work out you are about to engage in. Pre-class meditation is also a form of relieving stress, which is both beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

Most pre class meditation is performed by sitting with your legs crossed on the floor, place your fists on your knees, with your back straight and your head held up. It is important to remember to always have good posture. This means no slouching! Slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth respectively. Take deep, slow breaths. Concentrate on clearing your mind and relaxing your heart rate.

Visualization is an important part of pre-class meditation. I visualize a river flowing or an ocean with waves breaking on the shore. As I slowly inhale and exhale, I try to mentally slow the river down to a stop, or try and make the waves of the ocean stop, depending on which mental image I’ve chosen. The total concentration of trying to make the waves stop shuts out all other daily distractions, allowing me to focus entirely on my meditation, and for a little while forget the daily stress of life. 

Pre-Class meditation benefits your martial arts training because it develops your mind, body and spirit. Pre-Class meditation has a number of health and psychological benefits. Because it reduces stress, it can put you in a good mood, making your martial arts training more enjoyable for you. It also lowers your heart rate, which is beneficial to your body, so that you may participate in class at a greater ease.

About the author: Andrea Stone is a multi-arts black belt and the Teen Spokes Model for appearing in their ads worldwide. See is currently a martial arts student at the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies and an advanced placement honors student Junior at East Ridge High School in Clermont, Florida.